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With so many features and flexibility it's difficult to get a good handle on what LCE can do. So here we will try to show you examples of some of the powerful things it can do for you.

Here's what you need to know about LimaCharlie Enterprise

We don't force you into any complex security ecosystem, processing technologies and storage technologies.

You need a realtime endpoint telemetry, detection and response capability. We provide you with the most potent drop-in endpoint capability out there and we get out of the way!

Security is complex enough, we'll make sure your endpoint solution isn't while making sure it stays powerful.


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flexible output

LCE doesn't force you into any one specific data storage technology and doesn't do retention. This means that although your data transits through LCE, it never stays there, limiting the risk of possible exposure.

You control your data.

Export bulk events to an S3 bucket for long term retention and send the detections to your Spunk cluster, mix and match as you want.


It's worth pointing our, the Flight Data Recorder capability is reason enough. It provides you with a huge number of possible events .

Chose which events you want to get and when, all in easy to integrate JSON format.

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The D&R rules are an extremely powerful tool to help you automate the detection and response process to your organization.

Leverage the tagging of sensors, thread feeds and any characteristic of incoming events to create customized detections.

Take action in realtime, execute a command on the sensor, isolate the host from the network, kill processes, gather additional data all through the simple interface.


LCE exposes a well documented REST interface that allows you to do everything. All features are available, from sensor tagging to creation of Detection & Response rules to interactive commands to the sensors.

There is no black-box inaccessible magic, you have full control. Automate and integrate with other systems and feeds like no other tool can.


Some of the great customers using LimaCharlie Enterprise:

 LokiLabs offers high end security service with some high profile customers, we're proud to help!

LokiLabs offers high end security service with some high profile customers, we're proud to help!