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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Refraction Point is a group of security experts and computer scientists on a mission to improve the ever-changing security landscape. We are building a toolkit with an eye towards the future.  

The techniques used by bad actors are evolving and are aided by stolen cyber espionage tools - security is not the industry it once was where a single Anti Virus could keep your information safe. Researchers and security firms have deep knowledge and skill sets but often lack access to technologies that can make these assets actionable.

Our vision is to provide a fair environment where detection and mitigation strategies can be compared and tried; where security actors can learn, devise and collaborate, which will result in a better security posture for all.  To this end, Refraction Point has created LimaCharlie: a critical piece of an optimal security posture.




The LimaCharlie software suite provides the scalability, stability and extensibility that organizations need. This cross-platform sensor is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It enables Flight Data Recorded types of data as well as many more advanced capabilities like Yara file and memory scanning and network isolation.

The LimaCharlie software suite runs in the Refraction Point cloud (available in multiple countries) and behaves as a bridge for your sensors as well as provides an easy environment to automate detection & response. An on-premises version can be  offered for large-scale use. 

  • Export sensor data in realtime via syslog, files, scp or even to an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Integrate any threat feed to detect and take action in realtime.
  • Create your automated detections and responses, tag sensor and more using our D&R Lambdas.
  • Use the REST interface to provide drop-in endpoint capability in your organization.
  • LimaCharlie is the perfect middleware, cloud-hosted, capability that provides you with immediate integratable EDR capabilities.
 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for Windows
 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for Linux
 Endpoint Detection and Response Sensor for OSX and MacOS

Simple pricing, support and trials are available. See the full documentation including features and recipes here.

Leadership Team


As part of the Canadian Intelligence apparatus, Maxime worked in positions ranging from development of cyber defence technologies through Counter Computer Network Exploitation and Counter Intelligence. Maxime led the creation of an advanced cyber security program for the Canadian government and received several Director's awards for his service.

After leaving the government, Maxime provided direct help to private and public organizations in matters of cyber defence and eventually co-founding Arcadia, architecting advanced cyber solutions. For the past few years Maxime has also been providing analysis and guidance to major Canadian media organizations. Maxime left Google in 2018 to found Refraction Point.

 Cyber threat intelligence and cyber defence.


Gio has become a well known cyber-security and cyber-resilience expert within the Italian Intelligence community where he has built various sensitive technologies. Gio received multiple awards for his service from several Police Task forces.

Gio also led the Italian National Security Technology Center as principal researcher cooperating actively with Intelligence and Governmental training institutions as well as the European NATO Cyber Security Center of Excellence.

Recruited at BAE Systems Group as Security Architect,  he then went on to lead the Threat Intelligence Team as well as mentoring the UK MSS Cybersecurity Task Force.

Gio was awarded as best performer Harvard Business School - Executives Education program.

 Cyber security and cyber resilience. 

Christopher Erhard Luft - Director of Technical Marketing

Christopher is a computer scientist and veteran of the early-stage startup environment. He has been instrumental in the growth of companies from the very earliest stages to north of 250K customers and has successfully executed marketing campaigns that have pulled in millions of eyeballs. Along with his entrepreneurial work he has completed software projects for the Olympics, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Film Board of Canada and many more.

Passionate about the role of technology in philanthropy, he is also the founder of startups-care.com.